Archive: August 2015

Creating digital images with my Adobe Photoshop CS5

A while ago I decided to take a break from all the acrylic painting I was doing, and found myself sitting at the MAC creating digital images with my Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Initially i used the functions to assist with designing several paintings. For example, I painted a number of “non-traditional” (and rather bizarre) downtown Toronto scenes (which can be seen on my gallery page on this site.)

Seen through the eyes of a harried and hurried commuter at rush hour, the views are distorted, off-balance and off-kilter.

Then I set aside paint and found the process of creating digital art, as an entity in itself, seductive, and then addictive. The possibilities, I discovered, are limitless. Countless functions, combinations and permutations of functions, layerings, manipulations, etc.,- one evolves into another. What began as an assistive design tool soon developed a life of its own.

Some sample images of my foray into this medium have been uploaded to my gallery page on the SCA website, a few more,which are available as prints can be seen on and additional work will soon be added to my own website,

Do have a look!