SCA 47th Open National Juried Exhibitions Opens in Calgary or “How Sheep Stole the Show”

When thinking of Calgary in the midst of cowboy country, horses naturally come to mind but no, sheep stole the show in Calgary! I have never seen a jury deliberate that intensely to finally come to their decision. New Brunswick’s Ann Balch’s watercolour “Two of a Kind” captured the jurors’ hearts and rewarded it with the Top Award: the Antoinette Stevens’ Award for Best Painting in Show. Best Acrylic, again sponsored by the Stevens family, was awarded to Greg Dow’s  “Gregorian Shore I”. He hails from Ontario. Two florals captured the SCA Awards of Excellence, “Cannas #7” by Sharlene Stushnov-Lee and “Orange Day Lily” by Marney Ward, both from Victoria, B.C. Finally, the jurors were impressed with Joel Sinclair’s “Gentle Motion” and Elaine Funnell’s “Heracleum lanatum” – Seasons-Cow-Parsnip Study giving them an Award of Merit each, both from Alberta.

Gainsborough Galleries was abuzz with visitors and artists to celebrate the opening of the 47th Open. People enjoyed the wonderful art and lovely refreshments. At 1pm, I held an opening address speaking of the SCA’s accomplishments bringing artists from across Canada together for 47 consecutive years. Since so many people ask about it, I briefly made some comments about the jury system and then handed out the awards. Unfortunately, only one recipient, Joel Sinclair, was present. However, I did speak to the others previously and they were most appreciative of the honours they received. All in all it was a great start to this yearly event and so far 9 paintings were sold.

The exhibitions remains at the gallery until August 8. It can be viewed in its entirety including the award-winning paintings until our next show later in the fall.

Karin Richter

Director of Exhibitions

Joel Sinclair SCA, Karin Richter SCA, Sheila Warren, David Cadman

And here are some photos of the work on opening night!



Creating digital images with my Adobe Photoshop CS5

A while ago I decided to take a break from all the acrylic painting I was doing, and found myself sitting at the MAC creating digital images with my Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Initially i used the functions to assist with designing several paintings. For example, I painted a number of “non-traditional” (and rather bizarre) downtown Toronto scenes (which can be seen on my gallery page on this site.)

Seen through the eyes of a harried and hurried commuter at rush hour, the views are distorted, off-balance and off-kilter.

Then I set aside paint and found the process of creating digital art, as an entity in itself, seductive, and then addictive. The possibilities, I discovered, are limitless. Countless functions, combinations and permutations of functions, layerings, manipulations, etc.,- one evolves into another. What began as an assistive design tool soon developed a life of its own.

Some sample images of my foray into this medium have been uploaded to my gallery page on the SCA website, a few more,which are available as prints can be seen on and additional work will soon be added to my own website,

Do have a look!


In 1984, during the final of the men’s Olympic free skate, the commentator says “too bad the skater is wearing brown, it’s a losing colour”! With those words I began a lifelong interest in colour and its powerful effects. These ideas have evolved and been enriched by many learning sources, school and workshops, TV, books that range from tomes on colour to gemstones and chakras, paint manufacturers to personal feelings and observations. My only quote is by CG Jung “without shadow there is no light” and I add without light there is no colour: Continue reading

Interview with Jutta Kaiser, SCA, winner of 2012 Antoinette Stevens Award for Best Acrylic

Interview with Jutta Kaiser, SCA,
Riverview, acrylic mixed media – winner of the 2012 Antoinette Stevens Award, Best Acrylic
44th Open show at Todmorden Mills, Papermill Gallery, July 18-29.

Jutta Kaiser - Riverview

Riverview, Jutta Kaiser

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